You got WoW in my RL!

September 1, 2010 at 4:18 pm (Ayriana)

This week I had an interesting experience. Now, this is an experience that many people in my generation have had, but I just recently realized that this was the first time I had had this experience. In the past, I have had the opportunity to, but chose not to, mostly because I was chicken.

What did I do? I met someone in the real world that I had previously only known online.

I play alliance on occasion with a co-worker. His guild needed some decent DPS and I have a habit of creating alt after alt after alt, so I made a hunter there and play her once a week or so with them. One of the guys in that guild is also a hunter, but with that group he mostly plays his Pally Tank. He is also one of my co-worker’s roommates. As far as I was concerned- this guy looked like this:

Now, on Monday I was sitting at work minding my own business (I had actually ran out of things to do for the day and was contemplating trying to sneak out early) when this guy comes in. He looks like a kid who has recently graduated college, and was wearing a sweatshirt from the local college and carrying a binder. I assumed he was interested in a job (ha! Like we have those!). But here’s the thing- he starts talking to me like he knows me. Which has me floored, then I realize who he is and we all have a good laugh about it and annoy the hell out of the one other co-worker who is left by talking about wow related stuff. Hey, it gave me something to do for the day! Well, in the real world, Mr. Pally tank really looks something like this:

Someone in my main’s guild has mentioned a few times that if anyone ever wins the lotto, we have to pay for every other guildie to go to BlizzCon. To me this sounds awesome, I would love to meet up with the people I spend so much time with every week and just chill out and grab dinner or something. Then I remember that the game is really what we have most in common. What would we talk about other than guild politics? Age differences aren’t a huge deal in game, but can be in the real world when you start referencing something that someone in a different generation is not familiar with. I imagine it might be awkward- but I really do want to hang with some of my guildies IRL!

On another note- hello Cataclysm Beta! Installer is currently at 85% and as far as I know the realms are down… but I should be in and playing soon!


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