Wonderful World of Pet Skins!

September 9, 2010 at 9:32 am (Ayriana) (, , , )

The pet design pass hasn’t happened. However, like a few other hunters out there, I wanted to be prepared for when it did. So I spent yesterday afternoon on the Beta taming different pets from different families. Up to this point leveling I have almost exclusively used my bear (partly because ferocity pets are broken at the moment). Mostly I’ve been using my bear because, well, he’s my bear! I’ve always used a bear as my tanky pet, except for that time when gorillas beat all the other tank pets hands down.

Snuggles! (Image courtesy of Petopia)

When I first read about the option for up to twenty five pets I was extremely excited. I’ve always had a list of pets that were less than stellar in terms of performance, but I wanted to tame because I liked the look, or had an awesome name that I wanted to use. I was browsing through petopia when I realized that there are also twenty five non-exotic pet families. With this design change hunters will be able to have one of EVERY kind of pet.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

First, like I said above, my bear has always been my tanky pet. Same with my wolf, at this point at least. He’s my go to pet for killing stuff, and I named him after my childhood dog who died when I was about eight. Before the wolf I used a moth named Dustbuster- that little guy earned the Twilight Vanquisher title when it was new! Each of these pets is a part of my character- Ayriana is not the same without each of them in her stable.

Twilight Vanquisher Dustbuster

Second, if I’m required to have one of every pet available, how will I make those connections? A hunter is symbiotic with her pet, and I find it hard to believe that one hunter could have a legitimate connection with 25 different creatures. That’s the RP part of it. On my end, I want my pet to be a part of my character- when I go to log in, my bear is chillin behind my toon when I click on her name.

So, I went through the list of pets and created a spreadsheet. Which skin from each family will I be taming? As I looked at my growing spreadsheet with all the pretty pictures, I felt no connection to the majority of the pets. Could I ever give all of them the attention they deserve? At the moment my moth is all but retired, even though I can’t bring myself to retire him, and that’s with only five stable slots! How could I give all of these guys the right amount of attention?


Since each pet could potentially bring a different essential buff to a raid environment, each hunter will essentially be required to have one of each pet in order to contribute the most effective composition to their raid team.

How do you feel about this? Excited or apprehensive?


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