September 27, 2010 at 10:21 am (Uncategorized)

Six characters a day I’ve been running through Brewfest. This post is a little bit of QQ.
There is no denying how utterly SIMPLE Brewfest is this year- just click twice to get in, wait 15-30 seconds for the queue to pop and then take 20 seconds or so to kill the boss. I don’t even bother popping readiness on my hunters because the fight is over before my rapid fire drops off. I hit Bloodlust on my shaman during the fight and still had a good 18 seconds worth of buff left over after he went down. It’s so fast I don’t feel (too) guilty bringing in my extremely sub par DPS toons- my DK and my shadow priest, or DPSing on my non-geared druid tank who has seen less than no love in the past few months.
The order of importance on my toons is very clear- Orc Hunter > Dwarf Hunter > Troll Shaman > Undead Shadow Priest > Blood Elf DK > Tauren Druid. So far I have seen exactly ZERO mounts (I have horrible luck with holiday mounts and such) and ONE Direbrew remote- which dropped on my shaman. I also got two (yay!) of the maces- oh, but look- they are selling for less than an epic gem right now and are useless for pretty much all of my characters. Though a dwarf enhancement shaman dual wielding tankards would be pretty awesome…
Guildies have been pretty successful so far. One has lots of mounts on alts now, only missing the Ram on his main. I know I still have about half of Brewfest left to keep going, but most holidays do this to me- I get about halfway through, doing them religiously, and get NO results. Then I get frustrated and quit trying. I think I’m going to try and force myself to finish Brewfest this year- at least until I get some mounts for my main, unlikely as it may be.


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