Hello! My name is Ayriana. I, along with Tia, will be writing on this blog.

I have been playing WoW since mid-BC and have pretty much always played  my hunter. She is an orc, and she is adorable! I’m currently in a small, pretty close, guild that has been working through ICC.

I am also an altoholic- I currently have an 80 orc hunter, troll shaman, tauren druid, blood elf death knight, undead priest and dwarf hunter. I am always working on an alt. I am not good at playing melee classes at all.

In the real world I teach for an online high school. I like to keep the real world and the WoW world separate- so you all know me as Ayriana! I am married to someone we like to call Mr. Wiggly (Yes, that is a The Guild reference!) and have a very dense dog and a more aloof than typical cat.


Hey y’all!  I’m TiaDaalma, a Level 80 Holy Pally with an 80 MM Hunter (Caalypso) and a penchant for farming and FISHING!  I am from SC after all 😉

I began playing WoW the August before WotLK came out and hit 80 just as folks were beginning to raid Naxx.  My days with Tia began on a 10-day free pass my brother gave me.  Those were the greatest 10 days of my life and I haven’t stopped since!

In real life I teach 5th Grade.  For many years I taught 2nd grade and find it interesting that I can now actually talk to kids who have at least HEARD of WoW-mostly from the Mr. T Night Elf Mohawk commercials! LOL

Ayriana and I have raided together for quite sometime and hope that you will find this little endeavor of ours entertaining!



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