A rose by any other name…

September 3, 2010 at 2:49 pm (Tiadaalma) (, , )

When I began my WoW journey, I had very little guidance from my brother who claimed to love the game but definitely did not want to take the time to explain the basics.  That being said, the one thing he stressed was the importance of naming a toon.  This coming from a guy who named his character Bigstanky.  

Who you calling Stanky?


So, I began with 2 characters Spajackrow (a rogue) and Madamswann (a priest).  At the time, and really, ever since I could remember, I have had a small thing for pirates (the first time someone gave me a Savory Deviate Delight-they might as well have given me 100 gold :-).  Spajackrow was a mashup of Jack Sparrow and Madamswann was named after Elizabeth Swann from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  Neither toon was much fun and it wasn’t long til I bought the Burning Crusade to become a BELF.  TiaDaalma was born.  

Tia Dalma was not much of a character until the end of the 2nd Pirates movie, when we discover that she has brought Captain Barbosa back from the dead (perfect for a Holy Pally!)  After she hit 80, I began the hunter, Caalypso (Tia Dalma’s alter ego.  Clever huh?!) From there came Baarbossa the mage, Purl the shaman and Sparro the druid.  My bank alt is Murtogg but you’d really have to know the movies to remember him!  

Do I know you?


Of all the things my brother didn’t tell me about, I feel grateful that he did emphasize this one thing.  I love my pirate toons, and am entertained when people who know me recognize one of my alts.  But, when they live in a guild named “Dead Men Tell No Tales” how hard could it be?!  



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Tia :)

August 24, 2010 at 11:49 pm (Tiadaalma) ()

Hey y’all!  I’m TiaDaalma, a Level 80 Holy Pally with an 80 MM Hunter (Caalypso) and a penchant for farming and FISHING!  I am from SC after all 😉

I began playing WoW the August before WotLK came out and hit 80 just as folks were beginning to raid Naxx.  My days with Tia began on a 10-day free pass my brother gave me.  Those were the greatest 10 days of my life and I haven’t stopped since!

In real life I teach 5th Grade.  For many years I taught 2nd grade and find it interesting that I can now actually talk to kids who have at least HEARD of WoW-mostly from the Mr. T Night Elf Mohawk commercials! LOL

Ayriana and I have raided together for quite sometime and hope that you will find this little endeavor of ours entertaining!


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