Old Gods

September 14, 2010 at 1:35 pm (Ayriana) ()

Why do I have the feeling we didn’t so much kill Yogg-Saron as make him or some of his friends veeeeeeery angry?

Stonetalon Mountains


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Best and Worst of Wrath

September 13, 2010 at 8:14 pm (Ayriana) (, , , , , )

As Wrath of the Lich King comes to an end and we all patiently await the coming end of the world, I found myself thinking back over Wrath. Like I’ve talked about before, in TBC I was really a noob (spell power on my mail wearing hunter level of noobishness). But in Wrath that was different- I had a group of people who didn’t suck who I was able to get together with on a regular basis and kill internet dragons. Some of my favorite times on the internet were had during WotLK.
I have two very strong memories from Wrath, one positive, and one fairly negative. First- the good!
Twilight Vanquisher used to mean something. When Wrath hit, doing Sartharion with all of the drakes up was the hardest thing in the game. The guild I was in had some early struggles getting going- but once it got going it went very well, but that Sarth 3D achievement was eluding us. Something would always go wrong- the Resto shaman that just couldn’t understand the concept of void zones- a tank barely getting one shot, real life causing our raid leader to go MIA for a couple weeks. Finally, on the eve of the release of Ulduar, we all knew that if we didn’t get it that night it would cheapen the achievement. Doing it with better gear would not mean nearly as much. We wiped all night- flame waves glitching out, warriors emo quitting because they wanted to do something else, replacements not understanding some of the changes we’d made to the strategy. Finally we decided to call it, and kill one of the drakes and just do 2D- again. Someone, and I don’t remember who at this point, said- “one more try, then trash respawns. Lets just give it one. More. Try.” With that idea in our heads, we did it. You can see my poor dead moth, and my own dead body in the video, which I just re-discovered on You Tube today. I really wish the YouTube video included the sounds in vent- the nervousness as we realized we were closer than we’d ever been before- and the sighs of relief and cheers as the dragon fell.

But with the good comes the bad. As Ulduar became the most relevant content, and we hit roadblocks, my raid team started to fall apart. I realized that things were getting pretty ridiculous when I found myself leading a raid- I was something like 7th in line to be in charge, so how that happened I still don’t remember. People started leaving for greener pastures- different guilds on the same server or even server transfers. I found myself in the second category. I wound up in a very nice guild that was making progress and was quite successful. I had to sit out for some fights and found myself sitting on top of ulduar wondering what my real guild was doing. I just didn’t fit in with this new guild- they raided much later (which technically fit my schedule a little better, but cut into my hubby time). No one ever talked on vent and it didn’t seem like anyone was actually friends with each other, more like colleagues or co-workers. Sitting up on top of Ulduar I realized that this is and always will be a game. I wasn’t having fun anymore because I wasn’t playing with my friends. That was when I made the decision to get back into my old guild. The core of that guild is who I play with, and who I plan to play with into Cataclysm.
It does seem that we have collectively taken a break before the world ends, me mostly because the Beta is taking up my game time, others because of real life or burn out. I’m pretty confident that Cataclysm will get the group back together, and hopefully I can make some more excellent memories!

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Wonderful World of Pet Skins!

September 9, 2010 at 9:32 am (Ayriana) (, , , )

The pet design pass hasn’t happened. However, like a few other hunters out there, I wanted to be prepared for when it did. So I spent yesterday afternoon on the Beta taming different pets from different families. Up to this point leveling I have almost exclusively used my bear (partly because ferocity pets are broken at the moment). Mostly I’ve been using my bear because, well, he’s my bear! I’ve always used a bear as my tanky pet, except for that time when gorillas beat all the other tank pets hands down.

Snuggles! (Image courtesy of Petopia)

When I first read about the option for up to twenty five pets I was extremely excited. I’ve always had a list of pets that were less than stellar in terms of performance, but I wanted to tame because I liked the look, or had an awesome name that I wanted to use. I was browsing through petopia when I realized that there are also twenty five non-exotic pet families. With this design change hunters will be able to have one of EVERY kind of pet.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

First, like I said above, my bear has always been my tanky pet. Same with my wolf, at this point at least. He’s my go to pet for killing stuff, and I named him after my childhood dog who died when I was about eight. Before the wolf I used a moth named Dustbuster- that little guy earned the Twilight Vanquisher title when it was new! Each of these pets is a part of my character- Ayriana is not the same without each of them in her stable.

Twilight Vanquisher Dustbuster

Second, if I’m required to have one of every pet available, how will I make those connections? A hunter is symbiotic with her pet, and I find it hard to believe that one hunter could have a legitimate connection with 25 different creatures. That’s the RP part of it. On my end, I want my pet to be a part of my character- when I go to log in, my bear is chillin behind my toon when I click on her name.

So, I went through the list of pets and created a spreadsheet. Which skin from each family will I be taming? As I looked at my growing spreadsheet with all the pretty pictures, I felt no connection to the majority of the pets. Could I ever give all of them the attention they deserve? At the moment my moth is all but retired, even though I can’t bring myself to retire him, and that’s with only five stable slots! How could I give all of these guys the right amount of attention?


Since each pet could potentially bring a different essential buff to a raid environment, each hunter will essentially be required to have one of each pet in order to contribute the most effective composition to their raid team.

How do you feel about this? Excited or apprehensive?

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Baby Goblin!

September 2, 2010 at 4:07 pm (Ayriana) (, , )

Made a baby hunter goblin yesterday while the game was still in the process of downloading. Hit level 4 and and a broke quest. So far, the goblin starting area is a blast.

Then I flew around the old world a bit just to see what was different, can’t wait to quest through some of this to find out what is causing all of this chaos!

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