My WoW Story

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Recently, with Cataclysm coming out so soon, I have been thinking back on my experiences with WoW. I have been playing for close to four years now. I picked up the game in late 2007 while I was finishing my student teaching, and full on wedding planning.

Originally I never picked up WoW for a few reasons, including that people I knew became addicted to the game, I never had time, I never had an internet connection that was good enough, or my computer was only marginally good enough to play on. One day I was hanging out at the game store (like I did a lot at that point in my life) and they were all playing a game I wasn’t a fan of- some war strategy board game that takes 19 hours to complete. I was bored, and the owner of the store had his computer set up and was getting back into WoW, so he showed me how to roll a toon and make it work. I made a little blood elf rogue. She was fun to play, and I think I made it up to level 8 or so that night. I actually asked how to save my progress at one point, because I was not familiar with how it all worked.

That night I got the trial and made myself a troll rogue. Here’s my dirty secret- I would have made a blood elf if I had the expansion (shhhh!). Why horde? Well, that’s what my friends at the game store were playing, so I rolled up on their server. I got that rogue to 20 before I realized something- I hate rogues. So I made my hunter. I thought of making her a troll, but decided against it. There began my love affair with orcs, and hunters.

So I played my hunter through wedding planning, student teaching, unemployment, job hunting, and extreme under employment. During that time in my life we were on food stamps, and had cut back on everything but internet (my excuse was that I really needed it for job hunting, but WoW was part of it too). I hit level 70 in the middle of the summer, right after the fire festival, wearing some pieces of spell power gear of all things. Then my friends all quit and I found myself alone in my guild. I joined a very casual guild where I sat while I famed up clefthoof leather in Nagrand. Nagrand is still one of my favorite zones. I had little understanding of patches and what they meant, I rarely did five mans and never did heroics. I did a little reading- mostly BRK, about my class. The concept of a raid extended only to battleground, which I was HORRIBLE at because my computer was made of fail tied together with bailing wire.

I farmed the heck out of this guy

Then patch 3.0 hit, and my little casual guild did some raids (I don’t remember if they did any before that patch..) and I got dragged along to Gruuls. Apparently I did pretty well on the meters that run, because the other hunter in the guild acted impressed. From there wotlk released in Nov and I leveled to 80- a little more confident in my class and what it could do. By December I was raiding Naxx. There was some drama and I and a group of friends ended up leaving that guild and we joined forces with another that had recently experienced some issues. We became one of the top guilds on the server. The core of that group is who I play with today.

How much time did we spend in there?

Whats your WoW story?

– Ayriana


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Tia :)

August 24, 2010 at 11:49 pm (Tiadaalma) ()

Hey y’all!  I’m TiaDaalma, a Level 80 Holy Pally with an 80 MM Hunter (Caalypso) and a penchant for farming and FISHING!  I am from SC after all 😉

I began playing WoW the August before WotLK came out and hit 80 just as folks were beginning to raid Naxx.  My days with Tia began on a 10-day free pass my brother gave me.  Those were the greatest 10 days of my life and I haven’t stopped since!

In real life I teach 5th Grade.  For many years I taught 2nd grade and find it interesting that I can now actually talk to kids who have at least HEARD of WoW-mostly from the Mr. T Night Elf Mohawk commercials! LOL

Ayriana and I have raided together for quite sometime and hope that you will find this little endeavor of ours entertaining!


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Introductions: Ayriana

August 24, 2010 at 10:46 pm (Ayriana) (, )

Hello! My name is Ayriana. I, along with Tia, will be writing on this blog.

I have been playing WoW since mid-BC and have pretty much always played  my hunter. She is an orc, and she is adorable! I’m currently in a small, pretty close, guild that has been working through ICC.

I am also an altoholic- I currently have an 80 orc hunter, troll shaman, tauren druid, blood elf death knight, undead priest and dwarf hunter. I am always working on an alt.

In the real world I teach for an online high school. I like to keep the real world and the WoW world separate- so you all know me as Ayriana! I am married to someone we like to call Mr. Wiggly (Yes, that is a The Guild reference!) and have a very dense dog and a more aloof than typical cat.


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